Hollow Threat

by Hollow Threat

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Music by: Hollow Threat


released March 2, 2015

Recording and mixing by TNT Music Productions



all rights reserved


Hollow Threat Singapore

Singapore Hardcore

Vocals - B.I
Guitar - Aidil
Bass - Hakim
Drums - Elton
Guitar - Hugh

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Track Name: Born 2 Wreck
The devil's noose is around my neck,
forced to do his bidding so close to the edge
there's no stepping back from this,
help me cut loose from the strings they play me
im in no control and im not at my best
insanity is taking me, i think im better off dead

im seeing my worse fear, its losing control
the world is weighing its weight on my shoulder
facing the fact that i belong six feet under
making peace with myself, my only savior

waking up everyday to a sunless day
digging my own grave for each day that i face
waking up everyday to a sunless day
digging my own grave for each day that i face

blinded to the truth. branded with the lies
Track Name: Dirt In My Lungs
Dirt in my lungs
Pulling up in consistent
pilling up with emotions
To be cease from existence
My soul is depleted
my hope is incomplete
i trapped myself in this world that i'm in
Desperation is blessed with a cursed

this nightmare
is mentally destroying me
it feels like
like hell on earth
everything that i've faced
everything that i've done

there is no help, there is no straight fucking road
it gets darker with each step that i take

it's bringing out my worst
i'm lost digging my own grave
destruction is my game
i'm ready for my dead weight

Track Name: Trapped
I've been looking for something to push me.
I've been on the edge for way too long.

Trapped in my fears, I'm losing my grip.
Strongly traumatized, I'm about to admit defeat.
Realizing my worst, I slowly let go
But sooner or later, I'm gonna fucking blow.

It seems like everything is not going my way.
Falling deeper, it's eating me alive.
I've tried and tried to lit up my ways,
But it still pullin me down,
I'm running out of breath.
My reflections, on the mirror
It shows my true identity.

This time, I'm gonna finish
what I've started, no more on my knees.
No chains, to pull me down,
it's time to turn my life around
right now

Now there's nothing standing in my way.
I'm not here to stay. It's time to break away.
Track Name: Cease 2 Exist
Spoken words will cease to exist
I'm not yours to claim
Don't need a cloud to cower
me I'll be fine

Your words will fall deaf to my ears
So many years I have stand on my own
You will never know what I've been through
I'll pay my own price

*Greedy motherfuckers always scourging around
I got no time to lose, I got no time to spare
You have always been a weight upon my chest
I will not stop till I'm laid to rest*

I'll accept my changes I'll accept my past
Track Name: Abandoned
Time is all that I have It won't heal my wounds
No amount of time will ever help to erase
Watched the one that I love Slip away from my grasp
Trying so hard to keep my head sane

Thunder and lightning cowers over me
Hollowed dreams fits with my reality

True colors shows when I'm all alone
Shadows appear when the sun goes down
Cold wind running down my back
Paranoia strikes when I least expect

Cold wind running down my back
Paranoia strikes when I least expect
Anchors of guilt, tied to my feet
Trying to sink me down to my deepest abyss

Track Name: Chaos
Time has come and time has gone
The limitations of my patience is already bursting
Stop pratonizing my reasons
I'll dwell on the past cause there's no erasing

The chaos you've caused, I can't escape
Like I'm trapped in a maze of my own mistakes
My own mistakes

You lead me to the edge, I'm hanging by a thread
I may bend but I'm not gonna break
You said its enough?
It will never end till the I've lost all of my sense
So you can stop your act and stop your pretense

Truth be told, These memories won't turn to dust
Truth be told, it will never be enough
I've kept it inside for far too long
That's the reason for all this Chaos